Friday, July 28, 2006

Open letter to Nicola H.T. BBC radio Wales

An open letter to Nicola Hayward Thomas BBC Radio

This article was written by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 28 Jul 2006

By daoud jibreel, Cardiff

"hi Nicola

I know that you don't like discussing my banners n all on your show. You know the ones that have been displayed all too frequently outside the Welsh Assembly during 2004, 2005 and less so in 2006, but then I have had other things to do this year.

I wonder when your gonna talk talk talk about the use of the good ole water wheel in producing electricity, I am sure that there are plenty of villages along the rivers of Wales who wouldn't mind some free access to that power generating source???

You might also want to go to and see my copy of an email to the local gov. ombudsman, listed in the blog welsh assembly the crazydave files. You might see how they secretly endorse intimidation from neighbours of vulnerable adults, as for the police well they carn't be bothered either, check out the article that was removed from this site but fortunately copy pasted and placed there before your moderation team could remove it.

Some questions might be made of their seeking to hide serious accusations about the antics of South Wales Police, you would have thought that following that article the Chief Constable might have been inundated with hungry journalist asking some very pointed questions vis a vie the allegations made in that article.

I have wondered if there is any point to complain to the advertising standards authority over the BBC Wales claim that its bringing the News to Wales.

Cos I have never ever heard mention of my protest on your show or that your outside broadcast people have done their damndest to not show my banners when there have been other protests outside the Assembly.

But then like the BMA who are playing the lets not reply to Crazydave game, mirroring the IPCC (see the open letter blog to its chairman) or Assembly members or the Chief Constable or the House of Lords I probably wouldn't receive a reply.

You must be the Great Satan in these peoples eyes Crazydave to be ill treated so. If they had all acted differently Nicola then these banners would never have had to be made, the allegations would never have had to be made but they have made their choices in these multiple acts of Malfeasance, to their discredit. Not my fault.

Its ironic that on the eve of my publishing the email to Ombudsman I have yet more intimidation from a nuisance neighbour, but then they have threatened to burn down some of my property and the police have done nothing, like all the times before.

Love n Light Nicola

The issues raised in my protest affect many not just me, would your organisation dump on all those people who in the main havent literary skills to fight their corner, or the assistance of so called charities like Mind helping them in their financial plight??

All the Best People Crazydave. "for a full list of blogs go to welsh assembly the crazydave files

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